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Tofflon Max-Fill Medium/High-Speed 100%IPC Check Weighing Vial Filling Machine

Novel vaccines (genetically engineered vaccines, combined vaccines, live attenuated vaccines, therapeutic vaccines for major infectious diseases, etc.), biotherapeutic and genetically engineered drugs (cell therapy, biological monoclonal antibodies, etc.), large molecule drugs, blood products, slow/controlled release complex injections (emulsions, liposomes, microspheres, etc.), and antineoplastic products are innovative drugs with very high added value and requirements for the relevant performance indicators of aseptic filling equipment.

In recent years, filling technology has been an essential part of production lines for aseptic injection filling processes. Many high value-added injection drugs are required to meet high standards and requirements during the filling production process. How to achieve the stability and reliability of high value-added pharmaceutical filling accuracy, implement automatic calibration of the filling volume in the filling system with minimal or even zero loss of medicinal liquid in the production preparation stage, ensure no filling volume drift during the filling process and achieve the process quality control of 100% filling volume, and empty the tailings to minimize the residue and material loss at the end of the filling production or reduce material loss to the volume of even one vial with the emptying mode are severe risks and challenges of traditional filling technology in the guarantee of many key processes.

Max-Fill 100% IPC medium/high-speed check weighing vial filling machine is pharmaceutical filling equipment in direct contact with medicines. It affects the quality of medicine in the production directly and is the crucial equipment in aseptic preparation filling production lines. The innovative filling system design defines a new quality standard for the Max-Fill 100%IPC medium/high-speed check weighing vial filling machine. The device allows full-automatic detection (100% control) without loss of yield or productivity. It can thoroughly perform 100% medium/high-speed online quality control under different production modes before, during, and after production, striving to achieve the filling without product loss at start-up or near clearing of product loss. Hence, the filling yield of medicine is improved to guarantee the high added value entirely and effectively.

           300 vials/min medium/high-speed 100% IPC check weighing vial filling line

          Medium/high-speed 100% IPC check weighing vial filling machine

Max-Fill Technical Performance Indicators

Max-Fill Host Features and Advantages

 ?   Comply with cGMP, EU-GMP and FDA regulations

 ?   Outstanding industrial aesthetic design, excellent human-machine interface

 ?   GMP concept aseptic design, easy to clean, operate and maintain

 ?   Diversified layout: single-sided operation, double-sided operation, L-shaped layout, I-shaped layout

 ?   Advanced multi-link linear servo transmission system that ensures gentle and stable conveyance of vials

 ?   No filling or stoppering without vial

 ?   Three independent output channels: qualified products, sampling and kick-off channels

 ?   Toolless plug-in type quick-change mold specifications

 ?   Restricted barrier system that can be integrated with the following: oRABS, cRABS and Isolator

 ?   Control system compliant with GAMP 5 and 21 CFR Part 11

 ?   Batch records and reports that meet the computerized system requirements


Max-Fill Important Configuration Options

    ?   Filling system that can be integrated with CIP-SIP system

    ?   Nitrogen filling system (nitrogen charging before filling-during filling-after filling-stoppering)

    ?   Various filling or compound filling methods such as piston pump-peristaltic pump-time pressure method

    ?   Can be integrated with 100% IPC medium and high-speed check weighing system

    ?   Each filling system is independently driven and controlled by a servo motor to adjust the filling volume automatically

    ?   “Advanced filling” operation mode under different production modes

             Infeed Star-wheel System

 100% IPC Check Weighing System

 Stoppering System

Peristaltic Pump Filling System

 Discharge Star-wheel System